The food adventures continue..

Monday afternoon John and Maria were set to head to Lagos, Portugal. We considered going with them but in the end we decided we just didn’t have enough time and there was still much of Sevilla that we wanted to revisit.

But before the pair set off, we all decided to grab lunch at Phoenix, a pub in Plaza de Cuba, right near the popular Calle Betis. During our semester in Spain, Phoenix was a place our group frequented for drinks, especially cider, because they always had several brands on tap. However, we’d never eaten at Phoenix before so this lunch was something new.

We’d heard from Lexi, a recent summer study abroad student, that the nachos at Phoenix were excellent so we had to give them a try. We’d also been craving a true Spanish burger and Phoenix had just what we were looking for.

See, over here they don’t do burgers like we do back home. The veggies and sauce toppings are pretty much the same, but the Spaniards like to add a thick slice of ham and – my favorite- a fried egg on top of their burgers. We totally fell in love with this way of doing burgers (how could you not?) and we’d been craving one since we left two years ago.

Phoenix Pub’s version was phenomenal.

20130703-145851.jpgIt may not look like much but the taste will blow you away.

20130703-154100.jpgLa montaña de nachos was a great recommendation although not as good as Chimy’s.

The walk back to the hotel was perfect as well. Some of my favorite views of Sevilla are from Calle Betis, looking out across the river. Enjoy.

20130703-150246.jpg Puente de Triana.


20130703-150354.jpg Torre de Oro.


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