Last food post, we promise! (Maybe)

Monday night Cam and I ventured out on our own in search of more tapas. We headed for one of our favorite areas: the street leading to La Giralda and the cathedral.

20130703-151557.jpg Because why would you want to look at anything else while you eat?

We chose one of the many tapas bars lining the street and got to work.

This time our meal included aguacate relleno (stuffed avocado), tortilla (Spanish omelet), a plate of manchego cheese and jamon serrano, some grilled mushrooms and Portuguese spinach. Yet another fantastic dinner in Sevilla.






After dinner we took a stroll past the cathedral and on to Cerveceria Internacional. This Mecca of beer was somewhere we visited often during our semester here. It was great to be back.

We tried four different beers:

20130703-152136.jpg Aventinus Weizen Eisbock, Germany, 12 % , incredibly dark and heavy, really deep fruit flavors, strong plum flavor.

20130703-152318.jpgLa Trappe Quadruple, The Netherlands, 10% , Cameron’s favorite, strong banana flavor, it’s strange to say but it’s almost better if you let it warm up a bit because then it’s not as fizzy and the banana flavor shows through even more.

20130703-152609.jpgLa Fruta Prohibida, Belgium, 9 %, very fruity, orange flavor. Came highly recommended to us by our friend JD.

20130703-152754.jpgSt. bernardus Abt 12, Belgium, 10.5%, Kelly’s favorite. It was recommended by the bartender. It had the most amazing smell, almost chocolatey. Thick and rich and so delicious.


My favorite meal of this visit to Sevilla was Tuesday’s lunch. Simple seafood paella, a ración of cola de torro (ox tail) and patatas bravas. Again we ate next to the cathedral (you just can’t beat that view) and we even had some unexpected lunch companions!







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