If it seems like all we’ve been doing in Sevilla is eating tapas and drinking A LOT, it’s only because well, all we’ve been doing in Sevilla is eating tapas and drinking. A LOT.

Sunday night our wonderful amigo Fran picked up Cam and myself, and John and Maria and drove us out to Dos Hermanas, a suburb area just outside of Sevilla.

Our first stop was a posh, all-white couches, lounge bar with hookah and fancy cocktails. We shared some “double apple hookah” and John ordered the largest piña colada I’ve ever seen.


After a round of hookah and drinks the American’s appetites were ravenous. Our Spanish companions scoffed at the prospect of eating SO early (it was almost 10) but we had to get something in our stomachs…besides hookah and alcohol that is.

Fran showed us to a small tapas bar with a patio three times the size of the bar itself. We pulled some tables together and got ready for the onslaught of tapas to come. Fran and his beautiful girlfriend, Miriam, ordered us a myriad of traditional fare, all of which was the perfect size for sampling.

20130703-144136.jpg Quiche with a pickled vegetable medley on the side. (Sorry it’s so dark.)

20130703-144249.jpg Two pork dishes- solomillo al whiskey and solomillo al mostaza: pork in a whiskey sauce and pork in a mustard sauce.

20130703-144432.jpg Tres montaditos variados.

20130703-144547.jpg “Brochetas” – kabobs, one with chicken stuffed with salmon and one with seared duck. So amazing.

20130703-144645.jpg Tuna steak.

20130703-144807.jpg Our host for the evening, Fran, and his girlfriend Miriam.

Our meal was, of course, washed down with plenty of wine and beer. After dinner Fran took us to a neighborhood ice cream shop where I had some walnut ice cream (my fave) and Cam stuck to the basics with a plain vanilla cone.

We thought we’d already seen all Sevilla had to offer and that our time here would just be spent reminiscing and reliving our experience two years prior. Thanks to Fran we were able to discover a part of Sevilla we never would have otherwise. Dos Hermanas was a cute little neighboring town and a great experience!


One thought on “Holy TAPAS!

  1. Wow all that Food makes me Hungry! Contemplating where I could go in Austin to match some of it?
    I was going to say you guys were looking very fit and trim in some of your earlier photos, that all the walking and fresh air was doing your physiques good but how could that square with all that DELUXE FOOD!?!?!?
    Looking forward to seeing you on the 6th………
    Keep On Trukin

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