Barcelona Beach Day

After Paris it was back to Barcelona and we’d officially come full-circle. We started our journey in Barcelona on May 21st and now it’s almost over, close to six weeks later.

But it’s not over yet! Sevilla still awaits us after Barcelona.

We were totally drained from our backpacking adventures and having already been to Barcelona twice before, we decided our third visit should consist solely of relaxing on the beach. It was perfect.


We met up with Cam’s good friend Mason who is studying in Barcelona and just enjoyed the beach and the sun. A little too much sun maybe, as we both got sunburnt. After our relaxing day, Mason showed us a popular Barcelona bar called L’Ovela Negra (black sheep) where we watched the Spain vs. Italy game and participated in the subsequent celebration after Spain won. It was a fantastic one-day stay in Barcelona and the perfect way to prepare for our impending return home, to Sevilla.



From here on out our posts won’t be about discovering anything new but instead we’ll be reliving the glory of our study abroad days in Sevilla. We’re so excited to share the experience of returning to a city we love and cherish so much.

Thank you all for accompanying us on our crazy backpacking journey, but the fun isn’t over yet. In fact, in our minds the best is yet to come!


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