TMA: Too Much Amsterdam.

Oh Amsterdam. *sigh* What do we even say about this city that you all haven’t already dreamt up in your minds, or maybe experienced yourselves on your own visit to this liberal and tolerant place?

I’ll start by saying Amsterdam is a place with many faces. There’s the stereotypical Amsterdam that Hollywood has glorified with movies like Eurotrip. There’s the dark and alluring (and to be frank, somewhat sad) red light district. And past the red lights, there’s the beautiful, clean and quaint Amsterdam held within the parks, bike paths and canals. Each part of Amsterdam exists. All you’ve heard is true. Which side of Amsterdam you see depends on what you’re looking to find. We basically saw it all. Without getting into the gory details, we took at least a small part in all that Amsterdam had to offer. And it was all equally amazing.

However, like anything else, moderation is key. Don’t do Too Much Amsterdam (TMA). Lest you end up like the homeless man in the Vondelpark clutching his box wine and screaming incoherently. He was probably a nice lad back in the 60’s who came to Amsterdam to see what it had to offer…but he had TMA.

But that’s another story. We’d rather not get into all that we did, it’s more fun to let your minds wander. Here are some pictures, though! Enjoy!

20130624-214144.jpgCanals, swans and red lights.

20130624-214540.jpgA wee snack in the Vondelpark.

20130624-214630.jpgBeautiful Vondelpark.

20130624-214727.jpgThis guy again! I had enough of those crazy feet in Munich!’d this get in here?! At the “Erotic Museum” in the Red Light District. Surprisingly tasteful and informative.


20130624-215116.jpg Canals at night.

So that was Amsterdam! It’s a truly amazing city, whether you want to party or just ride a bike all day and enjoy some wonderful city parks, it satisfies all. It’s at the top of our list with Germany (and Spain of course, but we’re a little biased).

More on Brussels, Brugge and Paris to come! Sorry for our recent hiatus, it won’t happen again. As always, thanks for reading!

-Kelly & Cameron


4 thoughts on “TMA: Too Much Amsterdam.

  1. When you mentioned TMA and Amsterdam in the same sentence I thought you must be referring to synthetic mescaline….
    Glad you are having Fun.
    Post some Paris Pics?
    Keep On Trukin

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